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Good food. Fair prices. Guaranteed quality.

At Schweinske, you’ll always find delicious German food at fair prices. Schnitzel and pork dishes are of course front and center, but grill dishes, pasta, poultry, fresh salads and seasonal specialties also proudly grace our menu. Our rich breakfast offerings include our famous rolls, which we bake fresh every morning and every lunchtime — always based on our original house recipes, with flour, water, yeast and salt. Our various children’s dishes cater to our littlest customers. Each of our restaurants has its own lunch menu with dishes that change daily, or even weekly.

We at Schweinske find that a good meal need not be a question of price. We categorically refuse to skimp on quality. Cooking is and remains a craft in the Schweinske kitchens. We and our suppliers rely on the quality and fine taste of premium brands such as Darboven, Block Menü, Franziskaner, Mövenpick and Langnese.

All nutrition facts can be found in our german nutrition fact list.


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