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23 September 1983: Marco Hölder and Udo Ulrich open their first Schweinske restaurant in Hamburg Barmbek. Their idea: a restaurant-bar with delicious pork dishes, warm food until late in the night, breakfast with fresh homemade bread – all at extremely affordable prices. Our name? We found it in a Berlin telephone book.


The Schweinske concept was well received in Barmbek, so one year after its founding, a second restaurant was opened on Grindelallee, in the university district of Rotherbaum. At the same time, the "Schweini" was introduced. Originally developed with students in mind, it is intended as take-out — but has since become a constant favorite at all restaurants.


Opening of another restaurant in Hamburg Hohenfelde. Six years after its founding, Schweinske becomes a franchise chain. The first franchise opened in November 1989 in Hamburg's Eimsbüttel district laying the first cornerstone for the Schweinske expansion.


The 90s saw Schweinske expand its menu: the stable of pork offerings is now joined by pasta, sirloin steak, poultry dishes and baked potatoes.


Dr. Klaus-Peter Rösler (left in photo) is named co-managing director alongside Schweinske founder Marco Hölder (right). Today the pair run one of Germany's most successful food franchise chains.


The growth continues. Ten new Schweinske restaurants open in the 90s in Hamburg and the greater metropolitan area: Harburg (1991), Norderstedt (1991, first restaurant in greater Hamburg area), Langenhorn (1991), Elmshorn (1993), Lurup (1993), Winterhude (1998), Poppenbüttel (1998), Lohbrügge (1998), Bramfeld (1998) and Jenfeld (1999).


The coffee boom in Germany doesn't pass Schweinske by: starting in 2000, all Schweinske restaurants are required to offer coffee specialties. Today Schweinske sells roughly as many cups of filter coffee as espresso-based drinks.

2000 – 2003

The Hamburg expansion accelerates. Nine new Schweinske restaurants open between 2000 and 2003 in the Farmsen (2000), Wandsbek (2000), Bahrenfeld (2001), Fuhlsbüttel (2001), Billstedt (2002), St. Pauli (2002) and Rahlstedt (2003) districts as well as in the central train station (2003). With the opening of the Schweinske in Wedel (2002), the growth outside Hamburg itself also continues.


Currywurst is a pillar of the Schweinske menu. We first offered it in 2003, today it's one of our best-sellers.


Our popular ad campaign "Bin im Schweinske" is launched. The posters are so successful that for years thereafter they can still be spotted in many restaurants.


Schweinske goes capital: The first Schweinske restaurant outside the greater Hamburg area opens in Berlin — in a lovely Charlottenburg location.


After 23 years, it's time for a refresh of the corporate design: The basic strokes of the Schweinske logo are retained, but the overall feel is lighter and brighter.

2006 – 2008

The chain continues to grow: With new locations in Ahrensburg, Neugraben, Eppendorf and at the Stadtpark (all 2006), the footprint in Hamburg is reinforced. New cities such as Cologne, Kiel, Hanover (all 2006), Bremen (2007) and Remscheid (2008) are also added.


Our ads have always been highly effective. The concept from 2007 proved no different. Hearty and happy — just like our breakfast! We also started the "Wünsch Dir was" campaign in 2007. Our guests could make a wish worth up to 600 euros. Lots were drawn to see which wishes would be fulfilled. It was a powerful and moving campaign for us.


Something to be proud of: the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) praised us in 2008 for the outstanding service in our restaurants. Another burst of creative inspiration: our popular "Schnitzel of the Day" appears on the menu. It debuted with the Caesar Schnitzel, and is later joined by specialties such as barbecue, Camembert, Asia, Mozzarella and the "Wiesn" schnitzel in honor of Octoberfest. While we’re quite proud of the great many schnitzel concept we’ve already offered our guests — we are constantly working on delicious new ones.


Opening of the Schweinske restaurants in the Neustadt and Ottensen districts.


We continue tinkering with our public image and the positioning of the Schweinske brand. In 2010 we introduce the "Schweinske …macht glücklich" slogan, which has since remained a fixed part of our logo. It's anything but a marketing gag: it's a heartfelt promise to our guests.


We unveil two new Schweinske restaurants in this year: January sees Schweinske Ochsenzoll open its doors, and in September Schweinske in Düsseldorf Altstadt claims the title of "Longest Counter in the World". It's our second restaurant in Nordrhein-Westfalen — and we are only hungry for more...


Hamburg's Wilhelmsburg district is booming – and Schweinske makes the jump over the Elbe River: We open our central location on the Elbinsel's Berta-Kröger-Platz in March.


The success of our Düsseldorf restaurant makes one thing clear: Nordrhein-Westfalen is a highly promising market for Schweinske. We continue our expansion, bringing the Schweinske joy to Dortmund on 8 May 2014. A new furnishings concept is implemented at the Dortmund location, one that will soon be implemented in all of the chain's new restaurants: an atmospheric mix of tradition and a warm, modern color scheme and furnishings.


The menu of the restaurants is completely revised. Not only does it receive a fresh design, but also its choice of fares adapts to the modern consumer: In addition to a lot of new dishes, a selection of different burgers becomes an integral part of the menu. The schnitzel dishes are now available in different sizes.


Time of modernization. Schweinske parts with some outdated locations, which due to their insufficient size, profitability or location no longer appear to be future-proof and starts to convert existing sites according to the new design concept.


The new big thing: the Schnitzel construction kit. Every guest can create his own personal favorite Schnitzel with the new Schnitzel construction kit: Meat type, breading, extras and side dishes can be chosen freely - there are hardly any limits to creativity! In addition, various curry sausage classics, delicious homemade lemonades, new baked potato and soup dishes await the guests. Enjoy the cosy rounds among friends with a good wine from the new wine menu.

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